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Annual Retainer Service

Our retainer services are for clients who want to take advantage of our all in one service model and pass on their financial responsibilities. This allows us to provide year-round Financial, Accounting, and Tax services which results in our clients saving both time and money. 

 Jump Start Plan Overview


If you make less than $100,000 and you’re saying to yourself, “I’m not quite ready to work on a longterm basis, however, I still have a few pressing financial/tax questions that I’d like help on. What should I do?”


Answer: Try our Creative Jump Start Plan 

This session includes:

Two 60-90 minute video sessions(Data gathering & Plan Presentation and Implementation)


An in-depth discussion of your 2-3 most pressing financial topics. Popular questions include:

•    How can I best organize my business finances/Set up business accounts?

•    Do I need an S-Corp or Loan Out Company? Can you create it for me? (**)

        - Comes with Formation, EIN, & Payroll Set up

•    Can you help lower my tax bill? 
•    How do I calculate my quarterly tax payments? 
•    Can you set up my investment account and manage my investments?
•    Can you help me plan out my large payout? 

•    Help me get organized for taxes and prepare taxes (**)

(** means this is a stand-alone service)


Any money spent on these plans can be put toward your Retainer Services within 3 months.


Cost: $1,500

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