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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Do you only work with Creatives & Entrepreneurs?

Yes. we believe that there is a huge gap between creativity and financial management and our goal is to bridge that gap. Most creatives are paid as independent contractors (which by default makes them entrepreneurs) and this leads to complicated financial responsibilities. We want to focus all of our efforts on helping these deservings but underserved creatives prosper. 

2. How do you charge your clients for your services? 

Our clients are charged either a fixed monthly fee or a percentage of revenue depending on their annual revenue level. ​

3. Who is your typical client?

We serve creatives in the entertainment, writing, and social media industry who earn six-figures or more.  Our most common clients are movie/tv writers, producers, actors, entertainers, and social media personalities. 

4. What makes your client experience unique?

Our clients are working with someone who understands exactly what they are going through and gives them a judgment-free zone to gain comfortability over their finances. No stuffy meetings or stuffy offices full of advisors who think less of you.  Our firm is completely virtual so you can enjoy our virtual meetings from the comfort of your home! This also allows us to work with clients nationwide. 

5. What is your best value add?

Our clients tell us that our best value add is being a true one-stop-shop for our client's financial needs. By combining; business management, financial advisory, and tax planning/preparation services our clients have one main point of contact for all their financial questions and they love it! 

6. How often do you interact with your clients?

We meet with our clients on a quarterly basis. However, they have the autonomy to schedule additional meetings/calls if needed. 

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