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Cofield Advisors in Chicago
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We serve creatives in the entertainment, writing, and social media industry by giving them the financial, business, and tax support they need. Our mission is to free creatives from all financial stress and save them thousands on taxes in the process.  No more coordinating between multiple advisors or having unanswered financial questions, you'll now have one point of contact for your financial needs. Also, our virtual business model allows us to work with clients nationwide. That's right, we serve clients in all 50 states and you'll never have to leave your home! 


Carter Cofield, Headshot
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Carter Cofield is the Owner & Lead Advisor of Cofield Advisors, LLC. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) who has dedicated his career to helping creative entrepreneurs thrive. Carter started "Cofield Advisors" because he believes in entrepreneurship and wanted to give creatives access a one stop shop for financial guidance so they can spend more time in their creative zone of genius. 

Carter Cofield, CPA, pfs

Jeff Badu Headshot
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Jeff Badu is a business tax expert and is the head of tax operations. Jeff specializes in tax preparation, tax planning, and tax representation for our clients to help minimize their tax liability while also keeping them compliant with the IRS. His firm, Badu Tax Services, is among the top tax firms in Chicago.


Ariana Taylor Headshot
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Ariana is a business development and formation specialist with years of experience. She is responsible for the formation, maintenance, and renewal of our client's entities to ensure that they stay compliant with their respective state laws. Due to her vast expertise and experience, Ariana can complete entity formation across all 50 states giving us the ability to work with clients nationwide. 


Anna Murphy Headshot 
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Anna is our lead bookkeeper with a decade of industry experience. She ensures that our client's books stay organized, updated, and accurate. With Anna on our team clients never have to be concerned with tracking their expenses or missing out on business deductions.

anna murphy 

Meet the Team


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