• Monthly Retainer

    At Cofield Advisors we work on a Fee-Only Retainer basis, meaning that we are paid only by you and don't accept outside commissions or sell products. We have 3 tiers of services and they are broken out below. All of these retainer services provide you with a 30-day money back guarantee!

    Starter Service Package

    Only Services Listed Below

    Our Starter package is geared toward those in the beginning phase of gaining control of their financial situation. We provide:

    • Financial Coaching 
    • Investment Advice
    • General Financial Planning 
    • Insurance review and Risk Management
    • Student Loan Payoff Plan 
    • Budgeting 
    • Debt Management 
    • Annual Credit Check (Credit Consulting)
    • 24/7 Email Support


    Growth Service Package

    Services Listed Below & Silver

    Our Growth package is geared toward those who need more in depth services and detailed plans. We Provide:

    • Retirement Planning
    • Investment Planning
    • 401k Plan Analysis
    • Cash Flow Planning 
    • Account Aggregation 
    • Mortgage Consulting and Other Major Purchases 
    • Investment Account Set up (IRA, HSA)
    • Basic Investment Analysis 
    • 529 Plan & College Saving Strategies

    Wealth Builder Service Package

    All Services

    Our Wealth Builder Package is geared toward those who already hold investments and need more complex planning strategies. We assist you with tax advantage strategies and provide recommendations around your portfolio and asset allocation. We provide:

    • Tax Planning
    • Asset Location Strategies
    • Tax Loss Harvesting 
    • End of Year Tax Strategies 
    • Self Employed Retirement Account Set up
    • Business Consulting 
    • Alternative Investment review 
    • Annual Portfolio Re-balancing
    • Advanced analysis of 4o1k & Investment Accounts
    • Discounted on affiliate services (10% off) 



  • Hourly/Project Based

    We understand that not all clients want to work on a long term basis or may only need individual services and we can accommodate you as well. Our hourly rate is $150/hr and we base our project cost of hours of work needed for completion of task.

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